10 New Things That You’ll Get To Know When You Join A Yoga Teacher Training In India

The field of Yoga has had its expansion in the past couple of years. It is one of the oldest practices of wellness in India, yet it gained popularity only in recent times. A major influence in this field has been through social media and the entertainment sector, giving the illusion of wellness which is based on partial knowledge. This has its repercussions as the influenced audience decides on a goal to be achieved in their workout and wellness but they are unable to see the true results of their practice. The reason behind this outcome is partial knowledge of the practices that you are following.

When we learn something online through a third person, it is important to do your research on the subject as not all practices are suitable for all body types. Individuals around the globe possess different types of body, plus the weather conditions they live in affects the functioning of their body. If a person is sitting somewhere in a cold country and decides to adopt the ways of Ayurveda, the results will not be favourable as firstly, any practice of Ayurveda requires assessment of the body beforehand, so a course of random medicines or practices will not be beneficial to the health.

These myths and misconceptions are the first things that are cleared when you come to pursue Yoga Teacher Training Program in India. The origin of Yoga goes beyond the knowledge which is surfacing around on the internet.

Below are 10 things you will learn in your TTC in India :

  1. Gaining authentic knowledge of what is yoga and where it originates from
  2. Bursting myths on Yoga and its practices
  3. Identifying which practice of Yoga complements your body and which practices should be avoided
  4. Identifying your own body and its rhythm
  5. Finding your niche amongst various practices of yoga
  6. How to analyse the body movements of your clients to help them individually
  7. Understanding the practices of Yoga in the place of its origin can help you relate to its practices more.
  8. Reconnect your emotional body with your physical body
  9. Mastering one form of Yoga
  10. Finding a balance through the stressful situation in life

A teacher training program is not just to gain a certificate through which you can teach further to other people. The medium of yoga teacher training has its final footing in deep practices of yoga. These practices of yoga inhabit a lifestyle. Waking up early in the morning and practising pranayama with some asana practice becomes a routine that you feel entitled to follow in the beginning, but it slowly turns into a routine and then a lifestyle.

Yoga Teacher Training in India is the path to a spiritual lifestyle. It teaches you methods to deal with the stress of daily life by helping you connect your soul, mind and body. Issues like anxiety, depression, and stress find a release from our bodies when we practice various methods of yoga.

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