Yoga Poses for Weight Loss: The Top 10 Advantages

Yoga has been around now for ages. This spiritual, mental, and physical exercise is a combination of breathing and stretching. Unlike the contemporary exercise forms which include high usage of your strength, Yoga is mainly concerned with connecting you with your inner self to achieve your goals. With time, people have learned about the health benefits of Yoga. Yoga does more than just burn your calories and strengthen your muscles. At Agni Yoga India, we teach people from around the world that yoga is not just about asanas. The whole focus of yoga is to sit/be able to sit in a particular posture for a long duration of time. So, what are the top 10 advantages of doing yoga for weight loss? Here is a list.

1-     Improves Posture:

Improves Posture

One of the most important parts of yoga is maintaining your form while you exercise. When you do yoga for weight loss you are automatically inclined towards making your posture better. The yoga form and exercises promote better postures.

2-     Increases Flexibility:

Increases Flexibility

Yoga is an exercise that involves your entire body to achieve your goals. The yoga asanas are such that slowly you will feel that your flexibility is increasing. Touching your toes will be a task of utter ease for you if you continuously practice yoga.

3-     Muscle Strength:

Muscle Strength

While people opt for weight loss activities, they generally tend to lose a lot of muscles. This loss of muscle leads to lower muscle strength. While one opts for yoga for weight loss, the asanas tend to involve your core muscles to help you achieve your perfect body shape. When the core muscles are involved, then you are bound to have better muscle strength.

4-     Boosts Metabolism:

Yoga as a form of exercise is very motivating. It makes one believe in the fact that good habits lead to a better lifestyle. This also includes the consumption of healthy food. The combination of healthy food and yoga helps one boost their metabolism.

5-     Lowering Blood Sugar:

Yoga and the asanas of yoga not only help a person lose weight but at the same time help a person in lowering their blood sugar level. Yoga also helps decrease bad cholesterol and promote good cholesterol.

6-     Increases Blood Flow:

Increases Blood Flow

Yoga and the set of asanas help you regulate blood flow to multiple parts of your body. Certain exercises such as headstands help your blood from the lower body parts to your heart. This helps in the better delivery of oxygenated blood to your different body parts.

7-     Keeps Diseases away:

Yoga for weight loss not only helps you decrease your weight but also helps you increase your immunity system.

8-     Improves lung function:

Improves lung function

Yoga is mostly about breathing and stretching. When you do yoga exercises then you engage your lungs a lot. This engagement of the lungs helps you increase your overall lung function.

9-     Sleep Better:

Yoga also helps you sleep better. It is known that yoga helps in relieving your stress. It helps you sleep better and deeper thus promoting a better sleep cycle.

10- Skin Improvement:

Things are very much interrelated to each other when we talk about Yoga. When you sleep well, your skin automatically gets better. Yoga helps decrease stress, increase blood flow and flow of oxygenated blood. All of this combined is the perfect potion for better skin.

Yoga is a very spiritual way of exercising. It connects your mind and heart to achieve the task you have taken up. This not only promotes things and objectives like weight loss but also makes you physically and mentally stronger.

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